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New to the forum? Empty New to the forum?

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:37 pm

First of all, hi. Second, this is where you can write and introduce yourself to the rest of us ~

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New to the forum? Empty HI~ Coco Desu~

Post  CocoNStorm on Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:49 pm


Name: Victoria
Nicknames: Coco, Vicky
Youtube account: CocoNStorm
Birthday: 11th December 1994
Pets: 3 dogs, one cat, two terrapins.
Country: Singapore
Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: singing, Horse riding, Piano, guitar
Favourite HP member: miyabi.. i think O.o
Fave band in H!P: Berryz and c-ute
Fav band overall: HSJ
Personality: laugh alot, loves making friends.
Bad personality: laugh too much....low self esteem.. i think?
height: 152cm
weight: 42kg (HEAVY!!!)

I love making friends.
My email is
my skype is CocoNStorm
I am a left hander.

***thats al for now. If you want to know more~ feel free to ask~ i'll tell~ Smile***


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New to the forum? Empty Hi!! Kary desu n.n

Post  Karyhoshi on Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:21 pm


# Name: Anakaren
# Nickname:Kary
# Birthdate: 13-06-90 (Yes, im 18 XD)
# Birthplace: Monterrey, Mexico
# Blood type: dont know --.--U
# Height: 1.67m
# Youtube account: karyhoshi
# Pets: a dog
# Hobbies:Singing, dancing, play the guitar and the piano, read, anime *o*
# Special skills: languajes, art.
# Strong point:music, art and chemistry (yep! i like chemistry XD)
# Favorite color:Purple!!
# Favorite flowers:sakura!! and White lily!!
# Favorite season: Winter
# Favorite food:pasta and chinese food
# Disliked food:sea food
# Favorite song:i have a lot XD
# Favorite singer: Tainaka Sachi, Yui Horie,AKB48 and H!P groups n.n
# Favourite HP member: mmm i think Ishikawa Rika
# Fave band in H!P: V-u-den, bouno, c-ute
# Fav band overall: La Oreja de Van Gogh
# Personality: laugh a lot, loves making friends, cheerful, outgoing
# weight: around 53 Kg
# Other : my email is, my skype is crossed_destinys, i love making new frends and knowing people from other countrys. n.n


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New to the forum? Empty Re: New to the forum?

Post  kimura-yumio on Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:29 am


name: Yumio Kimura
age: 15
group: Gemini (Tsuji Nozomi)
DOB: 2.19.1993
YT name: MoruDigimon4
from: Louisiana, USA (consider myself a Texan, though, b/c that's where I was born & grew up)
height: 5'7-10" (I keep shrinking & growing...-_-)
languages: English, Japanese, and I'm learning Tagalog & Spanish...I also want to learn French. ^^ Languages come easily to me.
fave H!P member: YOSSSSSIE~!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
fave H!P song: Do It! Now
fave artists (H!P): Buono!, Momusu, Berryz
fave artists (non-H!P): SweetS, AKB48, Kawabe Chieco, Alice Nine
fave non-H!P songs: Mienai Tsubasa (SweetS), Into the Daylight ~Hikari Sasu Hou E~ (SweetS), Ruri no Ame (Alice Nine), Brilliance (Kawabe Chieco), practically any other Chieco song...^^
hobbies: clarinet (fifth year), baking (especially bread & sweets), dancing (I'm in a trio with my sister and my friend)
personality: just like Junjun's & Eri's together. (mostly Junjun's, but a fair amount of Eri's as well)

haha, I forget a lot, so I've got no idea what else I was going to put...^^;


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New to the forum? Empty Re: New to the forum?

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