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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:13 am

in order of release, newest on top.
All of these are uploaded on our Youtube account.
If you download veoh, you can download the videos from this forum.

~1st single B-side~
Release date: 13/12/08 (dd/mm/yy)
Download MP3: RP - Trois - Pittari Shitai X'mas! AUDIO

Singer comments:
Miayume "Yume" [Maki]
It was hard mixing mono lines with a stereo instrumental … I must say that we blend perfect. : O I am so happy to be in this group (L) But I messed up in the end :[ I will put a small curse on projecthello (the lyrics where wrong) someday for that - I promise, I will.

Burite16 "Burite" [Hitomi]
I LOVE how good this came out!

karyhoshi "Kary" [Kei]

~2nd single A-side~
Release date: 09/12/08 (dd/mm/yy)
Download MP3: RP - Trois - Ai ~Suite Room~ AUDIO

Singer comments:
karyhoshi "Kary" [Rika]

Miayume "Yume" [Yui]
I LOOOVE this ooonee! Seriously, love it *_*

Burite16 "Burite" [Erika]
I LOVE it!! so cool!!

~1st single B-side~
Release date: 15/11/08 (dd/mm/yy)
Download MP3: RP - Trois - FIRST KISS AUDIO

Singer comments:
karyhoshi "Kary" [Airi]
Waa!! i´m so excited, this is the first time that i´m in a groupdub T.T i love it!
everyone did so well!! i thinks it´s a very good job n.n

Miayume "Yume" [Reina]
I'm proud of some of my lines and I hate some of 'em, like the kawattas, or the last yeah thing. Everyone else was like, PERFECT (imo), Burite's voice was strong and Kary's was so cute and the high part was awsome. My mixing kinda sucks, though.

Burite16 "Burite" [Miyabi]
I love it!! everyone did so well!!! at first I didn't think that was me singing!! XD I dont know why...I love the way i sound in this..XD everyone else did good too!! haha all the high notes were PERFECT!!!

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