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Cute Cherry Releases

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:04 am

in order of release, newest on top.
All of these are uploaded on our Youtube account.

~1st single A-side~
Release date: 22/11/08 (dd/mm/yy)
Download MP3: RP - Trois - Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba AUDIO

Singer comments:
CocoNStorm "Coco" [Miyabi]

Miiyabi "Miiya" [Risako]
Good audition^^ Kisses;*

alwaysondamove18 "Kay-chan" [Momoko]

Sstrawberryz "Kyuno" [Yurina] is not bad XD
Coco - Umm.U have to singing with more life. I love Ur kurushinderu and kowai keredo, but next time learn the lyrics XD!!!Btw,ends of every Ur lines are so beautiful,U have got nice vibrato and nice voice,but U have to work at it.
Miiya - wydawało mi się tylko, czy śpiewałaś z zaciśniętym gardłem?! I ten...Modorenai Wa, a nie Modoreai Wa XD Ogolnie,to śmiesznie Ci to wyszuo,ale i tak słodko ^^
Kay-chan - Ohh, I love Ur voice! Ur Gomennasai, watashi no koto and kowai keredo are just awesome! So kawaii!
Kyuno - umm... so, Ur voice is the worst and it hurts my ears... o.O Upps. That was me XD
Rui-chan - Umm. U get hoarseness at the end of Ur line... but it was okei Very Happy
Hika-chan and Shiyu-chan - U were the best! So similar to the original...! I did not hear Ur voice correctly Hika-chan but it seems to be really cute and nice:D Love it:D
Btw. Everybody did good job but if we want to make nice fandubs, we have to practice more.
Thanks MiaYume for mixing :**

iLuvMaimi "Shiyu-chan" [Maasa]

Rubichama "Rui-chan" [Saki]

Hikasaii "Hika-chan" [Chinami]
this came out good!! ^^ good job everyone!!

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